Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Tumblr - Every Blogger Should Know!


Tumblr is one amongst the various social networks out there. However, it is not simply another social media network. Many of us underestimate the quality of Tumblr, even supposing it's large potential for SEO and social media selling. Tumblr is quickly growing in quality. However still many of us square measure unaware of its edges. So, during this post let's speak slightly concerning Tumblr, however, it works and the way to induce started mistreatment Tumblr for on-line selling. And most significantly, what square measure the SEO edges of mistreatment Tumblr?

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr could be a blogging and social networking platform that hosts quite 131 million blogs and is among the top fifteen websites. Tumblr was supported by David Karp and presently in hand by Yahoo. Tumblr helps you to effortlessly share something. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser, phone, desktop, email or where you happen to be. You’ll customize everything, from colours to your theme's hypertext markup language.

Social Networking and Blogging combined

Tumblr includes each blogging (and microblogging) and social networking options. Tumblr has all the web logging practicality of a blog platform like WordPress, blogger, etc. Tumblr additionally embody all the social networking options of a social network web site like Facebook or Twitter. This makes Tumblr a singular platform.

Why Tumblr could be a massive deal?

  • More than 131 million blogs as of twentieth Gregorian calendar month.
  • Tumblr is among the highest fifteen websites in U.S.
  • More five hundredth of Tumblr users square measure underneath the age of twenty five.
  • Many people square measure shift to Tumblr (most of them square measure teens).
  • Tumblr has distinctive three hundred million monthly guests.

" By 2011 Tumblr had thrice a lot of blogs than WordPress. these days Tumblr is that the largest hosted web log platform on the net having three hundred million blogs. And an outsized range of world’s largest, leading brands have presence on Tumblr. "

Tumblr additionally incorporates a large potential for SEO and social media selling .With user numbers and recognition on the increase, it’s an ideal selling tool for businesses.

Tumblr – The Benefits?

1) Customization

You are aware that impressions do matter. Tumblr permits you to customise your page. opt for your layout vogue and realize a style that matches your page’s theme. a range of themes square measure on the market. Choose the one that fits your business.

2) Dofollow links 

Most web log package creates permits you to make a link to yourself after you investigate a web log post. Links bring traffic to your website after they click the link, however, every link also can count as a “vote” for your web site with search engines. These backlinks increase your page rank and facilitate your website rank nearer to initial in computer programme results. Dofollow blogs produce traditional links that count as a vote for your website.

Tumblr offers you a Dofollow backlink for every link you share, that is the biggest advantage. not like Facebook or different social media, sharing on Tumblr will really does one sensible outside of that social media, and except for transportation you traffic, it'll additionally assist you increase your PageRank.

3) Tumblr tags

Tumblr features a singular tagging system. If you need to add a tag, merely begin typewriting a word and Tumblr can counsel you the relevant tags. Unlike Facebook, Tumblr tags square measure already used for content discovery. therefore by mistreatment relevant tags, there's a decent probability of your content to be discovered.

4) Microsites

You can use Tumblr to quickly established easy, straightforward to manage and free microsites (Now referred to as-as easy Sites). you'll even use your own name with these microsites.

Microsites also can be used for redirection to your main website. By building a sleek microsite with quality content would increase your page rank inside months.

5) Stigmatisation

Tumblr is a wonderful platform for promoting your brands. With Tumblr changing into a lot of and a lot of common, it’s an ideal selling tool for businesses that are attempting to increase their reach. With quite three hundred million distinctive users, you'll simply promote your whole. By posting quality content, you may have a robust on-line presence on Tumblr.