Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Why You Should Turn Off the Internet When You Write!


One of the secrets I accidentally found was that I write much better if I turn off the internet when I write blog articles.  They turn out more complete, better structured and flow much better.

I used to write all my blog articles through the WordPress editor (which is a great editor btw), but while travelling for business one day, I decided to start writing on the plane.  Even though it gets noisy at times and sometimes your neighbour likes to look at what you are typing, I find that I’m much better able to concentrate and get into a groove while I type away on my keyboard.

Why is That?

Curious about why that is, I spend some time thinking about it and here are some reasons that I came up with.

  • Distractions

With instant messaging, skype, emails and twitter feed all turned on, it is very hard to concentrate with so many little things popping up on the desktop.  When I was on the plane, none of these would bother me because I didn’t have access to the internet.

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  • Alternatives

When I’m on the plane, I open Microsoft Word and that’s the only thing on the screen.  Since I’m extremely bored and there’s nothing else to do, I end up typing on the screen and not trying to compare writing blog articles with something else that I could be doing during the same time.

  • There is No Rush

When I’m on a 5-hour plane ride, I’m stuck in the chair for a long time.  Unless there is a TV in front of me, there is really not much to do.  When I start writing my article, there is absolutely no sense of rush.  I know I have a tonne of time to finish the article so I take my time to gather my thoughts and just write.  I noticed that taking my time ends up making me more efficient and produces a better article in a shorter amount of time!

Try It

Since I’m not always on the plane, I started to turn off my internet connection while I write. For those that get many phone calls, I would even turn off your cell phone. This way, you can enjoy writing your article without interruption and I’m sure the quality (and quantity) of your articles will increase dramatically! All you need to do is try it and you will realize the difference!