Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mahbub Ali Khan

How To Write a Blog Post For Your Client, 7 Bullet Tips!


Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Either an article is of good quality or, bad quality is very easy to catch. So, now freelancing or others content writing is done seriously. This is the reason that’s why we have to remain in a good position to write good quality articles. There is nothing named “Shortcuts” now on this road of writing an article. Some people have earned previously through copy-paste or edit. But now it is no longer possible. Now website owners wish, even if they cost more, the article is of good quality.

When you write articles, be careful. the most important quality of an article writer should be focusing. Keeping things in the course of the work, according to the article can be found a way to success as a writer. Here go 7 bullet tips on how to write a blog post for your client:

1. The quality of content:

In the beginning, the website's owners were prepared to reveal any quality articles. Those days have gone now. Now everyone is looking for good quality articles. So keep the idea of the value of your article. And compare your article with good quality articles. What are the needed guidelines, will be found.

2. Unique Text:

Refrain from copy-paste or making any other writing changes to an original article. Most of the clients check post using different plagiarism tools, whether it was original or not. So, if you copy and paste text or spin, you will be caught almost certain.

3. Subject Wise Research:

Many freelance article writers don’t follow this much. But nowadays, Article writing is being compared to journalism. This is must before you know how to write a blog post. So study the theme carefully. Your written articles should provide information on research and authenticity to be verified. This will bring more attention to readers as well as increases quality.

4. Ownership of the text:

Using Google Authorship (https://plus.google.com/authorship) link your article to your Google Account at your choice. This ownership will bring something more in the future. It is expected that other search engine like Google will soon be introduced this proprietary method.

5. Using social networks:

Currently, there are very few people who do not use social networks. What if the writer of the article did not use social networks? However, it could have a negative impact on your career. Social networking and sharing are a part of better article writing.

6. Proofread:

Any job needs to proofread at the end. In order to keep yourself away from re-start the task from the beginning, proofread carefully. Article spell checker is also available over the internet. You can use Grammarly or any other online grammar checker to know the mistakes. These tools will bring the perfection to your writing. Remember, how to write a blog post means an error free quality article.

7. Take time to write:

Even a good article writer cannot write an article in less time maintaining good quality. So take some time to write the article. If any of the articles written hurriedly, readers can easily catch up. Any work can’t be done very quickly when there is some matter of focus.

8. Your writing, your career:

Many article writers write very quickly, without thinking of the quality of their own work. But this could be really risky. Subsequent writing in lower-quality will be hindered for your writing career. On the other hand, if you write better your writing will bring you more work.

Article writing has been popular for a long time. Website owners now began to understand the value of a good article. So appreciation the value according to the capability to be expected. In this case, even though competition is increasing not decreasing, but increasing the chances. This is all about how to write a blog post for your client. Are you ready for this competition? Prepare yourself. For any kind of asking comment here, and follow my blog.