Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Grammarly Review, A Dream Software For Every Student!


I wake up every day with the desire to write 1% better than the previous day. I know how tough it is to improve on a daily basis. The inspiration that significantly pushes me achieving this target is Grammarly writing tool. No need to explain, it is never so easy for a non-native English speaker to write quality and readable English content.
Grammarly Writing  Tool Review.

At least, I can say honestly that it wasn’t for me. Being a non-native English speaker, you have to keep a lot of things in mind for spelling, grammatical errors, punctuation, redundant, vocabulary and oh gosh, too many! But this writing tool can be a savior for you. And well, even for the native speakers!

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an automated writing tool that will check spelling, redundant, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation errors and will come up with corrections. Any improvement of words, you will be suggested with the best pairs.
It is a simple browser extension. All you need to get it, a registration and download. You will be amazed to know, it is absolutely free. You can also add it with your Microsoft word editor. 
According to their reports, more than 4 million people are using this software, and almost 600 universities and companies worldwide have licensed this product.

                                     "Try Grammarly:"

If you are a student or content writer, you will looking for such kind of opportunity. You need some guidance to write more readable content, which means a proofreading assistant. This tool can help you proofread whatever you write to make sure that gets full quality.

What will Grammarly fix in your writing?

This is the main part, which areas this software can improve?
According to their saying, Grammarly checks for more than 250 types of grammatical mistakes. Moreover, it comes with absolute solutions.
Grammarly Review

I have never counted the actual numbers though I am using it for quite a long time. But I have seen that they find the majority of all grammatical mistakes that need to be corrected. They do all it possible to improve your writing standard. The solutions they gave are pretty correct even.

So let’s look what this tool can find out?
  • All the fundamental grammatical errors.
  • Incorrect usage of punctuation.
  • Redundant problems.
  • Wrong usage of the apostrophe.
  • Complex sentence.
  • Dangling changer.
  • Sentence wordiness.
  • Fragment problem.
  • Inappropriate voice form.
  • Many more…

Do you worry about Plagiarism?

If you were ever concerned about the uniqueness of your writing, you need a good tool to check. You might need to know if any part of your writing identically match with someone others.

If your teacher is smart enough, he/she won’t forget to check whether they are unique or copied. The Grammarly has a superb engine in finding duplicate texts from contents.

You can use this tool to check if any part of your writing is copied from somewhere.

I can bet, it has improved my writing. Why not you try Grammarly ( for yourself?