Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Grammarly, The Ultimate Online Free Grammar Check and Correction Solution.


Grammar check is always a tough job when it comes time to proofread. Inefficiency in English grammar get focused in your writing if you are non-native. Are you confident that what you’re writing is error-free and easy to read? Typos and grammar mistakes are much embarrassing. Here is the solution.
Online Grammar Check and Correction Tool

Grammarly is called the ultimate online grammar check and correction solution. Grammarly operates as an automated proofreader. It offers a full slate of tools to help correct and improve your grammar. It is a grammar check solution by which you can learn the grammar rules that ultimately improve your writing.

My experience with Grammarly

I have tried a lots of proofreading tools for my blog articles. Most of them was no satisfactory. I started using Grammarly since 2014. From my experience I can assure that it is the best overall online grammar checker. It offers over 250 types of grammatical errors correction and explanations of grammar rules. You can't simply go wrong with this online grammar check and correction tool.

After using Grammarly my writing experience has changed, it feels like I no more need proof-reading as the work of spelling, punctuation errors and grammar check are corrected by Grammarly itself.

What Grammarly offers?

Grammarly checks for a large number of grammar errors. This grammar check service received an Accuracy Score of 95 percent. Let’s know it’s main features:
  • Grammar Checker Tool that proofreads your content.
  • Detailed explanation about the reasons why you’ve made a mistake.
  • Within minutes, a list of all the errors in your article.
  • Missed punctuation marks are being sorted out.
  • Excellent plagiarism detection service.
  • The service offers a browser extension along with add-ons for Microsoft Office and on browser dashboard.

Is Grammarly easy to use?

It has a very easy and user friendly interface. You can work in two ways:

  • On the web page of this Grammarly grammar checker, you can open a new document and start writing.
  • Or, you can simply paste your writings into this new document for analysis.
  • You can also use add-ons for Microsoft Word. It underlines grammar mistakes similar to the Microsoft Word.

Other Important Features

  • Grammarly is not just only an online grammar check service. It has a tool to check for plagiarism. It ensures that your article is perfect for any purpose. They offer this exclusive feature for premium plans only. It is not included in the free one!
  • Vocabulary enhancement feature has made it very unique among the other online grammar checkers. This feature finds the words that are repeated again and again. It suggests other words with the same meaning.


  • Smooth interface
  • Better performance
  • Corrects over 250 types of Grammatical Errors
  • Checks for plagiarised texts.
  • Available for all kinds of devices


  • Users must have an internet connection.
  • Very Expensive
  • Not for casual writing

How to get?

  • Visit Grammarly's website: www.grammarly.com
  • Sign up for free.
  • Add browser extension to your browser.

Let me know your experience with it. I will be waiting for your valuable comments here.