Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Quintly: Best Analytic Tool to Defeat Your Competitors in Social Media


When the first time I heard about “Social Analytical Tool,” the word came to my mind “Sorry, what???” It might be something weird, and I must be a nerd to use that!

Well, over past few months, my imagination was proven fully wrong, and my view about these kinds of tools has changed. Now I can guarantee you that without using such analytics tools, it would be a tough job to boost your website, Facebook page or YouTube channel performance!
Social Analytical Tool

Questions might arise in your mind, why should I use them? The reason is simple - analytics tool helps you to plan a better strategy.

Let me show you my experience. I have tried quintly (a favorite social media analytical tool) last month. Before using it my condition was:
  • Totally clueless regarding from which social media, I am getting more visitors.
  • After promoting my blog posts in different social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., there was no way for me to know the overall output.
  • I could not get to know which post of my blog gone viral over social media.
  • “Competitor analysis?” it might be so time-consuming, no time to spend there.

 All of these points were resolved by that single amazing tool - quintly (www.quintly.com). I am going to share some unique features of it which I have found helpful:

Competitor analysis:

I will rank this feature as the number one feature provided by this tool. People used to think it’s a tough job, but quintly has made it easy.
This feature enables you finding the sources of visitors of your competitors, how they are performing on social media and how are their responses. I believe, competitor’s website statistics can help you setting up the better strategy for your site through a competitive analysis.
A Competitive Analysis

After getting my top competitor’s info, I changed my plan. I started promoting over Twitter as my competitors are performing well there.

Social media performance:

Social media are excellent sources of visitors. If you have a website, you have social interaction over social media. But without knowing your social media performance you can’t settle a plan. Like you are more likely to get more visitors from Facebook, but you are busy with other social media.
Social Media Performance

You can manage all your social media on one platform and can check your daily performance at a time. It also provides you weekly/ monthly/ quarterly reports showing your campaign updates over last days or months. It saves your valuable time and help you plan better. 

Find the best interaction time:

At what time of the day and night you get the most interaction, depending on that you can post on most productive time. I believe there are always some peak hours for getting most viewers.
Find The Best Interaction Time

You can find out the best suitable time for you simply by using this tool. Remember, a perfect interaction time can bring a huge change to your website’s success.

These are just only some key features. There are a lot more. www.quintly.com is a blessing for guys like me, who don't have enough time to do massive study individually on each social media performance. It is best for the people who wish to jump over the competitors.
A perfect strategy can make your website more visible towards people. You have done best content writing, best design, excellent topics, superb title and everything for your site, but have you missed the master plan for social media? It’s time to decide.