Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mahbub Ali Khan

7 Best Free Article Writing Tools For Article Writing.


Is there any article writing tools really? A very common question for new writers in freelancing. The answer is yes there are. You can term them as “helpful hand”. But there are no tools that will write a full human readable article for you instantly. Before I introduce you with the best article writing tools, I will introduce you with the classification of the article. From my experience of article writing, I have classified articles into two ways. (Don’t take these as recognized, they are made by me.)

  1. Spin free article.
  2. Spin article.

So, what they are? Answer is here:

Spin free article:

They are the article made by a human. They are human readable with proper sentence structure. Most of the article online will include in this category. It really needs a good effort a make a pure, copy free and informative article. There are also some factors like the grammatical issue and plagiarism. These articles are highly reader-friendly. They get highest priority in search engines and SEO friendly.

Spin article.

These articles are actually regenerated article made by spinning software. There are numbers of article spinning software online. You just need to put an original article there and click spin. The software will use synonyms of the words. The fact is that it would not be a human readable one. Most of the software’s produces meaningless lines. But if you are tricky enough, you can do a proofreading to make it suitable for use. Article spinning is quite popular when it is a hurry time or you are looking for some academic writing.

Article writing tools are the tools that a writer needs to complete a full functional article. There may be grammar correction tools, plagiarism checking tools, word density checking tools etc. all these are included within this section. All of them have both paid and free version. Depending upon your needs, you can use any one. I will try my best to introduce you with all the best tools available on the internet. Here goes best article writing tools available:

1. Grammarly (grammar checker):

It is an online grammar checker. It has a browser extension to use. Both paid and a free version is available. Get the free version from their website:

2. Ginger (grammar checker):

This is a popular grammar checker software. You can use on any documents. The free version has limited use.

3. Plagscan (plagiarism checker):

One of the best free plagiarism checker online. It has both free and paid version.

4. Copyscape (plagiarism checker):

A popular plagiarism checker. To use this effectively, you need a paid version.

5. Small SEO tools (plagiarism checker):

A free plagiarism checker online. Small SEO tools also offer variety tools for article writing.

6. Spinbot (article spinning tool):

It is a popular article spinning tool. It is free to use.

7. Small SEO tools (keyword suggestion):

An easy and fast keyword suggestion tool. You can save your time using this tool.

Free article writing tools are just to help you in your writing. They can’t make a full article for you. Just make them your assistant, not the boss. I will go through discussion on all of these tools in next posts. Stay with my blog, subscribe and share to let the other know.