Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Why You Should Jump To Quality Web Hosting For Your Blog


Do you want an instant increase in traffic?  For some of you, it’s as easy as changing the web host! Last week, I finally made the leap to a Media Temple from my previous shared hosting plan. The results were surprising, to say the least.

I compared data from the Monday to Friday before the switch to the Monday to Friday after the switch, and the results speak for itself.  The reason why I used Monday to Friday is because I want:

  • to compare the same number of days
  • to chose business days as I get the bulk of the traffic on those days and the larger the sample, the more accurate stats tend to be

What the Numbers Tell You

  • Switching to a better hosting company increases traffic (or at least sets you up for it). Here’s why it works.
  • Visits and Pageviews Increased

After I had changed to a new host, the responsiveness of my sites was much improved.  In fact, even my wife, who know nothing about hosting and the like, told me that the sites seem to load much faster after I changed to Media Temple.  I was capturing the impatient visitors that would otherwise click somewhere else.  I had known before I switched that this was possible, but I never knew that it would be to this extent.  As you can see, I gained 15.38% more visitors!  I’m so happy with changing that I’m kicking myself for not doing it earlier!!

Average Time on Site

The new visitors spend five fewer seconds after I switched.  In general, this may seem like it’s a bad thing but I think readers are spending less time on the site because they aren’t spending time waiting for pages to load!

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate measures visitors who leave the site without going to another page.  This is another important metric because visitors who visit more than one page are much more likely to become a reader/subscriber of the blog.  As you can see, when pages load quicker, fewer people tend just to get fed up and leave.

What the Numbers Don’t Tell You

Aside from the actual statistics, here’s why switching to a better host is high.

  • Branding

The importance of branding is undeniable as stated before. Do you want your readers to feel that your site is slow and sluggish or do you want them to see that your site is snappy and quick? Just ask yourself. Which site would you rather visit when you are browsing?

  • Reader Retention

I know that when I go to a site that’s slow, I get fed up easily when every action (click on a new page, comment, etc.) take 1-2 seconds to load. I can perhaps tolerate it a couple of times if I am already familiar with that site, but I will just stop going there eventually if it’s a constant struggle to read the articles.

  • Time is Money

I found that after I changed hosting companies, writing an article and overall site maintenance take less time! This is perhaps one of the most crucial and least talked about the benefit of having a quick loading blog. It might be half a second here and a few seconds there, but they add up! Instead of waiting for that plugin to install or the post page to load, I'm productive!

Dump Your Inexpensive Shared Hosting

I used to pay $6.95 per month for my shared hosting, and I thought I was happy. Now I’m paying $50 per month, and I’m much happier. I’m so satisfied that I believe changing my host to Media Temple is one of the top 30 best decisions I’ve made for my blog. If you are at least semi-serious about your blog, change to a better host!