Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

How To Optimize Your Blog Post By Putting Rich Keyword For Search Engine.


Hey, Guys !! Hope you all are doing fine. :) Okay, so in this post I will show you how you can optimise your site for SEO. You guys know very well that SEO is the most important part of website ranking. You need a rich and particular keyword to get the most traffic from search engine.

You will easily get your targetted traffic by using some valuable tips and tricks to add your keyword in your blog post. If you follow my below-written tips, then I'm damn sure that search engine will love your site. All you need is to write SEO friendly post on your site.

  • Optimise Your Blog Post Title:

It is the most important part or place to add your keyword to your site for better ranking in search engine. Search engine prefers to title the most for better ranking. So try your better to put the best title which catches the attention of your readers. In this way, you will get more targetted traffic from a search engine like Google, Bing, AltaVista, and many others as well as social media.

  • Optimize The First And Last Paragraph Of Your Blog Post:

Whenever you write your new blog post, always keep in mind to optimise this two location. These two places are important for your blog post where you can put your keyword in a legal way. Mostly search engine look on these two place first and then they check the entire post of your content. You can put your favourite and targetted words in the form of phrases to make your post more SEO friendly.

  • Optimize Image Name And Alt Tag:

Images are the best way to make your blog post look attractive and perfect. In this way, you will never lose your audience. The third one where you can add your keyword is in the image which is named as alt tag and title tag. If you got an image for your blog post then firstly give it a unique name have the unique keyword. Never use blank space in image name because it doesn't give a shit. You better name hyphen. If you are a from a blogger platform then after inserting the image in your blog post, click on the picture and then click on properties, then you will see two option which is named as alt tag and title tag. Just fill these option.

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  • Optimize The Permalink of the post:

It is the most important SEO part like the title of your blog post. It is also called the URL of your post. It depends on the title of the blog post. To get the full advantage and to optimise the blog post you need to edit this by only putting the keyword. Go to your post setting and click on permalink option and select the radio button which is also named as custom permalink and put the best descriptive keyword phrase and click on done.

  • Optimize The Blog Post Label:

You can use these part in two ways if you want to. Firstly to categorise the post and secondly to optimise blog post having the rich keyword. If you think you are using the non-keyword rich label, then please go to the post setting and get full benefits from it.

I hope that you guys understand the concept of my five tips to add a keyword to your Blog Post for SEO. Please do share your reviews and if you want any adjustment just put them in the comment below. Remind me in your prayers. See you in the next post.