Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Money or, Passion, What Should Be The Blogger's Choice?


In theory, we all know that blogging for our passion is the way to go but in reality, the choice between money and passion is very tough to make.  Before I was born, my dad chose to change his profession because of $500 HKD (about $50 USD) a month in salary.  When I first heard about this, I was extremely surprised because he made such an important decision for not that much money, but I realized later in life that my family was having a really tough time making ends meet back then that every penny counted.  My dad didn’t make the choice because he wanted more money, he felt like he had to.

Everyone who blogs will tell you that blogging is hard work.  At the end of the day, we want something to show for it.  We want something to tell us that all our hard work was worth it, and that the time we spent is not wasted.  Some people want readership, some people want fame and most people want money.

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Choosing a niche that’s profitable versus choosing a niche that you are passionate about is a question that we talk about often.  Normally, I try not to give advice with definitive answers because every situation is different but let me tell you this - blog about your passion!

You Have to be Content to Write Content

The main reason why you should write about a topic you are passionate about is because of satisfaction.  Blogging is hard work and if you aren’t passionate about the subject, then forget about it.  If you are enthusiastic about what you write about, it will show in the articles and that quite frankly is attractive.

Another benefit is that you will naturally want to dig deep into everything that’s related to something you love and the knowledge you gain will reflect on the posts that you will write about.

Think about Money and You will Likely Give Up at the Beginning

Everyone can write about any topic for a few short months but only the most passionate ones can write about the same topic day in and day out for extended periods of time.  If you pick a niche only because of the potential money you can make, it’s very hard to keep up at the beginning when no one seems to be reading your posts.

You Better Believe that Everyone Sees the Same Opportunities

When a niche seems very profitable, many people will start trying to write about it.  In a crowded niche, it’s very hard to distinguish yourself from the pack so gaining readership is extremely hard unless you have very good content.  If you aren’t passionate or knowledgeable about the subject, then chances are your blog will stay unknown.

Every Niche can be Profitable

The wonderful thing about blogging and the web, in general, is its widespread reach.  As narrow as you think your interests are, there are tonnes of other people that share the same interests.  Once you build a following, a blog on any niche can be profitable.

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Blog about what you love and people who share that love will follow you!

Final Thoughts

Not enough can ever be said about picking a niche that you are passionate about.  I see way too many people trying to write about something that they know nothing about, thinking that they will become rich because others do it.  A blog deserves and demands you to be passionate!  So respect its desires and feed it with your energy!