Friday, August 12, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

5 Ways to Get Ideas for Blog Content


Other than time to write the actual article, coming up with content ideas day in and day out is one of the most difficult tasks a blogger faces.  There are times when I just sit there staring at the screen and couldn’t come up with one word, while there are others times when I can keep writing and writing.
Through the last few years of blogging, I’ve found a few ways that seems to work:

1. Magazines and Newspapers

Get Ideas for Blog Content

Many of us already read written media every day, which creates a natural way for blog articles.  In fact, I was reading a few articles in magazines which led to the idea of this article.  If you are quoting or adding to another article’s idea, it is only appropriate if you give credit to the original article.  Also watch out for copying material (plagiarism), as it violates copyright laws.

2. Conversation with Others

Get Ideas for Blog Content

Socializing is not only healthy but also great for your blog.  When you interact with others, you can hear different perspectives on many different issues which you can use to blog about.  Another great blogging idea is to interview someone about a particular subject that your blog covers.  People love hearing what others really think.

3. People Watching

Get Ideas for Blog Content

There are so many different and interesting cultures in this world.  When you people watch, you can learn about how people interact with each other which is both stimulating to the mind and great for the soul.  Just remember that people enjoy their privacy so observe in a general way and don’t stare!
Once you start people watching, your blog content will be rich with personal and real life experiences!

4. Take a Break

Get Ideas for Blog Content

Sometimes taking a break and doing something else work wonders for writing articles.  Don’t always sit in front of your desk and stare at the monitor.  Take a walk around town or go grab a bite.  It’s important to take your mind off your blog once in a while to recharge your mind full of content ideas!

5. Be Happy

Get Ideas for Blog Content

Being optimistic and happy about life is the single most important stimulus for your mind.  If you are happy, you are more creative and our article will show.  Your content will also portray an optimistic and encouraging which is contagious!  Create a happy lifestyle for yourself and you will find that blog content will never be a problem again!

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