Friday, March 11, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Meta Description, A Vital Part Of Your Blog Search Engine Optimization.


For blogger template’s search engine optimization, Meta Description is very important as a Meta Tag. Blog on the first page of search engines that bring, the most widely used in the current period for Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines is the blogs post’s Title and Meta Description.
Meta Description

To make search engines rank blog’s pages that are important a blog title and Meta Description. In this case, as well as the higher rank of the blog, and as unique as the blog post title and Meta Description, it would be a top blog on search engines.

If Meta Description is not set search engine, Google+, Facebook and other social medias correctly will not show blogs description and blog post correct. A blog and blog post’s unique, clean and quality Meta Description creates the possibility of getting more visitors.

 What is Meta Description?

Example of Meta Description

Meta tags, like all the other Meta tags, also cannot be seen out there, but the search engines see it. This is a brief idea about the contents of the blog post that the search engine can take. Blogger blog usually suggests writing 150 characters Meta Description. Search engines don’t show more than 160 characters in the description.

The importance of Meta Description.

 Blog content, as well as, all types of Meta tags-search engine, takes by Crawl and Index process. When something is searched over search engines, it checks to see Meta Description, according to the blog post. And more importantly, search engines, according to the Quarry and meaning create a combination of widespread Description make rankings on the search engines routinely and display links to the blogs. So, as the Meta Description is to be rich with Keywords and to be meaningful as desired.


Search engines look for the matching of the people's search for the post’s Meta description. In search engines, the post would be shown along with the Meta description, so that readers can understand the theme of that post before they click on it. The reader will be attracted more to the blog post, and the post must want to visit.

This was all about Meta description. Want to know how to add Meta description to every post on your blog? Click here.