Monday, March 14, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

Google Webmaster Tools, A Jack In All Trades For Your Website.


Google Search Console is a free service of the Google, which allows your blog to Monitor and Maintain. To include your blog to Google search engine, you do not need to sign up. For Each page of the blog, whether the Google search engine is not including in the search results in time, and Google robot timely Indexing your blog posts need to determine. For this you have to sign up for a Google Search Console.
Google Webmaster Tools

Each of the above lines, I wrote “Google Search Console” instead of Google Webmaster Tools. The question may arise in your mind that why I used the word “Google Search Console”? Because Google has the search sections separately, all together now says the Google Search Console. Moreover, in place of Google Webmaster Tools now writes as Google Search Console.

Many people may think that, if Google search engine automatically bring blogs or websites to any of the search results without having to submit to search engines, then why I need this? In fact, Google Search Console's work is not only indexing the content of the search results, and outside there are a lot more work. Why is it necessary, I am going to describe in brief.

Why you should use Google Webmaster Tools?

  • Blog’s new contents to be indexed faster.
  • The Index is based on the country or language of the content.
  • Robot's get ideas about the contents of the blog for Google.
  • Submit new content and to remove old content.
  • To monitor the content of the blog.
  • Google robot is indexing your posts or not.
  • Maintenance of your blog in correct way.
  • To monitor and clean Malware Spam attack on blogs.
  • To suggest ideas about the quality of content on your blog to Google.
  • To find out whether or not your site is mobile-friendly.
  • What kind of keywords visitors are using to find your blog.
  • Google bot is working correctly on your site or not.

Besides the above advantages, there are many benefits of the free Google Search Console. As a professional blogger at the present time whether to submit the site to search engines, Google will be able to successfully reach your posts to blog visitors. In order to get enough visitors to your blog site, there is no alternative than to submit on Google Search Console.