Friday, November 6, 2015

Mahbub Ali Khan

The Untold Story of Earning Money Online, My Experience.


Before you start reading, I am begging your attention. If you are delighted to read this article only seeing the title, hoping that it will contain any online money making tricks or tips, stop here! In that case, I am sorry to dishearten you. This post is just what I got in my last 3 years journey as a freelance article writer. So, if you are even hopeful to know something, you can carry on reading.
earning money online was my dream!

I was always delighted to hear that it’s possible to earn money online. Just after completing my higher secondary I was looking for some ways. The ways of earning money online. Sad but true, the journey started with PTC sites. For those who don’t know what PTC site is, they are the sites who pay for clicking on ads.

So, what happened next? The usual thing that happens. About 80% PTC ads clickers are the victim of this situation. I lost hope. The reason behind was low earning and of course, patience. With due respect to all the PTC earner, I found even begging is much better profession than this. It’s really funny if you earn only 0.10$ — 0.15$ per day clicking on numbers of ads. Sorry to say, it’s a pure waste of time.

The start of my writing career.
My university life just started then. I was under pressure to earn my own pocket money. I didn’t know the ways, I was again desperate to find a decent income source. One day while surfing my internet, found an article related to money earning through freelancing. It stroked my mind. I realized that only this thing can bring some real money. It can’t be that kind of fraud like some PTC site. It’s earning money through your own work and creativity.

My first marketplace was “Odesk” back than 2012. Now, it is known as Upwork. Now you might be thinking “is it all your story?” My answer is negative. This was just a beginning. I faced another reality then. There was no single thing with what I can start with. I am talking about skill. I don’t know programming languages or other things to apply for big budget jobs. But I didn’t give up. I learned Microsoft excel. I started to bid for data entry jobs.

The hardship of jobs world came in front of me. Many people think that getting a job on a freelance marketplace is quite easy. But you are wrong guys. It’s just 5–10 minutes when you will find 30–40 applicants for a particular job. You need to be lucky enough and should have a high profile to get selected. Its huge competition there. Data entry was the easiest job there and the only reason for high competition.

For the second time, I got frustrated about the income. It's huge work pressure but low income there. One day, one of my clients asked me “why you aren’t starting article writing?” the idea was cool for me. I started my career as an article writer from the middle of 2012. By the grace of almighty, I am now established in this sector. Though it wasn’t an easy journey even. But I make it happen.
This is all about. Signing off today. If you guys like my writing, encourage me. I will be back with the rest of my journey and how I did it. And one last thing from my side: “Never give u.”