Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mahbub Ali Khan

Fiberr, A Different Writer’s Market!


As an article writer you might be looking for a great market place where you can get the best job. Now it’s time to show your potentiality. Let the world know what you got. Fiverr is a popular gathering of freelance article writer and clients who are looking for some great writers. So, this could be your opportunity to flourish your career and also the income.

This writer’s market is quite similar to upwork or, technically. But there are some exceptions. Here you don’t need to apply for works. All you need is to make an excellent gig. This site doesn’t follow the common phenomenon of applying, interviewing etc. it’s your gig that will attract your client.

What is gig?

Gig is some kind of profile that introduce you to a client. There will be mention of all the details of your offerings including your rate and specialty of work. Selling your gig is the main point here. That’s why you need to focus on making an excellent gig. You can take help from YouTube to know how to make an excellent gig for Fiverr. The whole process is totally free.

Some pros of Fiverr:

  • Signing up is free in this writer’s market .
  • No need to waste time on searching job.
  • Advance payment facility.
  • Low charges.
  • Excellent rating system.
  • Time saver. (It takes only five minutes to make a gig!)
Remember, by creating gigs does not means all the things done. There are some basic rules to make your gigs most attractive one. Be confident on your work and bring the best design in your gig. There are many people who do search engine optimization to make their gigs more popular. It helps them to reach more people easily. So, if possible you can go for it obviously.
At the very initial stage you might got some issues. But, have trust on yourself. Everything has a time. Just keep trying and be the best.

How to overcome the inertia?

Hesitate to talk to clients, afraid to talk on the phone? Maybe that's because you are confused about the work. Be confident. Speak to him. Don’t think that he might reject you from the project! This is utterly unjustified fears. And you cannot always overcome this fear, then freelancing is not for you.

Competition exists in writer’s market:

Many people from all over the world are attracted to writing articles. So it will have competition. If you can follow all these tips correctly, then you are ready for this competition. Good luck!

SEO for gigs:

SEO don’t means any complex issues always. You can do it yourself. Make profile on some popular social media like facebook, twitter, g+, tumblr etc. share your gig there. You have no idea how effective it could be. There are millions of people on these social Medias. Just make your profile visible to them. Linkedin is also a popular social media and a fruitful way for selling your gig. Have patience in making your gig attractive one.
This is all about a popular writer’s market. Stay tuned to get more updates.