Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mahbub Ali Khan

10 Things to Consider Before Jumping on the Making Money Online


These days, everyone is talking about how to make money online.  After reading article after article, success story after success story, it is really tempting to jump in and try to make money online.
What most people don’t realize is that nothing is as easy as it seems.

The successful people in this industry all work hard, are dedicated and love what they do.  Before you consider making money online, here are some things to consider.

There is No Secret Formula to Success

Don’t listen to anyone who claims that you will be able to make millions just by following their step by step program.  If it’s so easy to make money, why did they spend time to write all the sales pages to lure you to buy their product when they can use it for themselves?

It’s not as easy as Everyone Says

Although anyone can do it, not everyone will be able to make it.  There are many people who are successful in this niche, but there is way more that end up failing and quitting.

Be willing to put in the Hours

Making money online is very time-consuming.  I admit that the hours are more flexible than a 9 to 5 job but most people spend more time doing this than their day job.  Once everything is established, you might be able to relax a little bit but be prepared and willing to pour lots of hours learning and tweaking everything or you definitely won’t make it.

It is Possible to Make Decent Money but There Are No Guarantees

Nothing in life is a lock.  If you work extremely hard, you will be able to make money online but there are no guarantees.  Don’t take things for granted!

You CAN Lose Money

I see so many people talk about the low cost of entry in making money online but what ends up happening is that people spend so much time doing it that they are actually losing so much in opportunity cost.  On top of this, lack of considerations or expenses like advertising and hosting may also burn a hole in your wallet before you reap any rewards.

You Will Make Mistakes and You Absolutely Need to Learn From It

Much of your online time will be spent testing different scenarios to see which works best.  Be sure to understand that most ideas will not work but be certain that to learn from them!

Try to Learn from Other Bloggers

One of the great things about a crowded niche is that many bloggers like myself have gone through many dead ends and are willing to share.  Read up on what others have to say constantly to not only avoid mistakes but to learn about great ways to make money.

Know Your Limitations

No one can do everything.  Don’t spread yourself so thin by trying too many things at the same time that nothing will end up working.

Making Money Online is Not Passive Income

By reading up to this point, I hope that you already see that making money online is not really passive income.  It requires time and patience as things change constantly.  If you are looking for the lazy way of making money, doing it online is not for you.

If Other People Can Do It, Why Not You

It’s not easy but I never said it was impossible.  There are many people, including myself that is having so much fun making money online.  With passion and dedication, you can do it too.