Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mahbub Ali Khan

How to write better articles for your niche site?


Are you an owner of a niche site? Tired of looking article writer? It’s time to try yourself. Remember, no other person can describe better than you about what you are thinking of. So why not just give a shape of your thinking?

Trust yourself, you can write better than many people. This article won’t make you a writer, but it may help you finding better ways to write. Let’s start.

1. Do research:

The first thing that an article writer do is research on his topic. Know about your topic, search on the internet, and take notes on your article structure. The better you know, the better you can express. Reader-friendly articles mean informative writings expressed in a simple way.
This quote is meaningful for an article writer.

2. Check grammatical and writing errors:

Grammatical and writing errors even happen from experts. Non-native English? The chance is higher in this case, and you must need to run a proofread. Proofreading can bring the excellent result to writing. You might skip some errors even checking twice. Don’t let your readers find your article with mistakes. There are several online tools to check it. I use Grammarly ( It helped me a lot writing better articles.

3. Check for plagiarism:

An unoriginal content is nothing but spam on a search engine. It would be of no value to you. You might be confident enough as you have written the article yourself. Even then it may contain some unoriginal lines or, matched lines. So, better be sure to check your article with online plagiarism checking tools. In this case, Copyscape ( is quite familiar. You can try it on your writing.

4. Do a readability test:

Readability is an important factor to rate an article. Check your writings readability. If you find the score lower, don’t be upset. Find out the complex sentences and words and replace them with simple. There are lots of readability test checker online like,, etc.

It was all about today. I didn’t focus the SEO related issues (keyword analysis, keyword placement, etc.) in my article. Hope to bring that in my next article. Till then signing off. Don’t forget to share this articles.