Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mahbub Ali Khan

Want To Be a Freelance Article Writer? These Qualities Are Must.


Article writing is a great profession and the attractive one in freelancing. You might be a talent to get A+ marks in your exam, but it doesn’t mean that you will be a good writer on any topic. There are some facts and today I am going to share them with you.
What are the qualities that an article writer should have?

No profession is perfect for you if you don’t have any skill. Many new freelancers asked me that what the qualities they should grow up are. So I am trying to cover up all the questions in a single article.

Good skill on English:

Most of the websites in the world are on English as it is an international language. It is not you should be 10/10 in this part, but at least you should have 8/10. Please don’t try this profession if you are not confident enough. Make sure that you can write fluently and turn it as a skill. As a practice feel free to write 200-300 words on your social media platforms like Facebook, tumbler etc. It will help you later on.

A vast knowledge can be a plus point:

When you are going to apply for a writing job, they will offer you a topic. It is true that most of them will be uncommon to you. As for an example, you have a vast knowledge on technology. You applied for such writing jobs on that category. But you can be offered to write on digital cc cam server. It is a part of technology but uncommon to you. In that case, your previous knowledge can help you out to grab that job. At least some ideas will be helpful to you.

A quick research skill:

Article writing needs huge data to put into a content. The more informative your content is, the more it would be reader attractive. You are not that genius to write on any topic. So, do a quick study, before you start your writing. Google can be your best partner in that case. You can also be quicker by watching few related videos on YouTube.

Profound patience:

It might be funny, but it’s true. If you are in a hurry of quick success, this place is not for you. Take your time. Think your lacking’s and rectify them. Enhance your skill and forget the money matter for the initial stage of your career. It’s not always money, it’s your passion. One day this passion will bring you the success.

These are some bullet points. Hope would be helpful for all the readers. For any inquiries email me and stay tuned with my blog.